Disk Brake Actuator 6600#


PVC coated galvanized cable offers a smooth finish for handling and corrosion resistance
E-stop cable coiled PVC coated cable – Keeps cable from getting in the way
Common filler cap on all actuators – Easier to maintain spare parts
Wide mouth master cylinder – Easier to add brake fluid
2" Ball
Frame size 3"
1/2" Dia Mounting Holes are 3" on Center Front to Back
660 lbs Tongue Load
Dampener Built In and Pre-loaded – no need to load dampener before bleeding the brakes.
Grease Fittings on Roller Pins – Consumer can grease rollers easily, longer life, better operation.
Safety Pin Locks the Coupler to the Ball – Coupler stays locked to the hitch ball even if the latch is damaged.
Cast Steel Ball Clamp – Stronger than stamped steel.
Solenoid built into master cylinder – solenoid can be cleaned or exchanged without removing the brake line or removing the actuator from the trailer.
Aluminum Master Cylinder – Corrosion resistant.
Quick Lock 2” Coupler –Coupler in closed position will auto lock on the hitch ball.
Cast Steel Latch Handle – Stronger, lays flatter, better looking.
Disc brake replacement actuator.
TIE DOWN ENGINEERING Model 660 Disc Brake Actuator with Built In Solenoid