Float-On boat trailers is the original saltwater boat trailer. Over 48 years ago, Float-On Boat Trailers Co. was founded out of a realization that what serious boaters needed was a true saltwater trailer. Our goal, then and now, is to provide you with a boat trailer that not only looks great, but gets you to your favorite fishing spot time and time again, with the least amount of problems.

Answering the need, Float-On came up with the best of all possibilities: An aluminum I-Beam frame that won’t rust, hot dipped galvanized torsion suspension which out-lasts better then any leaf spring and stainless steel nuts and bolts. Around 1980, Float-On replaced the large wooden bunk and introduced a carpet covered wooden cap aluminum bunk. Over the years, we continuously improved our trailers with new ideas such as our now patented all aluminum adjustable bunk that pivots to snug the bottom of your hull as you retrieve your boat.

Float-On is best known for being the first trailer company to use aluminum I-beam construction and inventing torsion suspension to truly make it a trailer capable of withstanding the vigorous corrosive test of frequent use in saltwater. Now, Float-On’s ability to work with customers to fabricate customized products is buoying its reputation.